Oh really?



I want to rub baby oil all up on Dean Ambrose

The next Lita and Trish?



I don’t quite buy the talk that Paige & AJ will be the next Trish & Lita.

Wait hear me out - for starters there will never be a Trish and Lita. Point blank period. Secondly, if there was going to be one featuring AJ, it would have been with Kaitlyn since they were so close and had a background with eachother. Now if Paige is going to do this I believe Emma is her match. They too go way back and have a respectable friendship. Yes Paige and Emma have already had a feud but T&L had many spanning along the years of their careers right. Lastly, unlike T&L, AJ & Paige are kind of similar in their gimmicks; they have the ‘anti-diva’ thing going on. So if anything I could see them being on the same side.

I still believe AJ & Paige should go at, I’m sure it will be an intriguing showing but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Things are looking bright regardless, what do you think?

I agree. Paige and Emma is the proper choice if they’re going for friendship, rivalry, enemies, and competitive history. I don’t think AJ and Paige’s match will be Trish & Lita level, but they will certainly have a compelling and solid feud. I think people forget that Trish and Lita’s feud wasn’t just one or two matches but that the Women’s title bounced back & forth several times between them, and other women. AJ and Paige are just starting to leave footprints on the main roster. I think when all Divas are expected (by some fans) to be Trish or Lita that ignores their individuality as a part of the new generation trying to make their own mark, y’know? I do believe, since Kaitlyn is gone, that the only person to build something memorable with AJ similar to that level would be Naomi, they have a competitive rivalry and history going all the way back to developmental. Paige beat Emma to become the first ever NXT Women’s champion, Naomi was the first ever FCW Divas champion and lost her title to AJ; their whole journey is worth building and mentioning. AJ and Paige’s feud will be engaging/entertaining even simply off the fact that they both evoke attention and are talked about the most.

Well you just hit the nail right on the head with EVERYTHING. I almost nearly forgot that AJ and Naomi have a little history (and they are legit friends, I saw Nae rocking a Love Bites shirt).